Seattle Homeschool Group

In-person & online community for Greater Seattle area homeschoolers. Give a little, get a lot.

In-person & online community for Greater Seattle area homeschoolers.  Give a little, get a lot.

Yahoo Group subscription

The busy online discussion board (Yahoo Group) is where events are listed, the newsletter is distributed and all aspects of homeschooling are talked about. Members typically subscribe to the posts via EM (individual or grouped in a digest), although they can also/instead be viewed via SHG on Yahoo Group's website.  

Joining the Group

SHG is an in-person community augmented by a Yahoo Group.  Assuming you are part of a homeschooling family in the Great Seattle area and you intend to make at least one personally significant contribution to the SHG community each year, as soon as you have attended at least one SHG activity in-person, you are eligible to subscribe to our Yahoo Group. Please inquire if you need help identifying an event to attend that works for you!  There are several to choose from.

If you are interested in homeschooling, but don’t currently homeschool, don’t live in the Greater Seattle area, don’t seek an in-person group, and/or contributing to the group isn’t for you, there are other ways to be engaged in virtual or other types of homeschool communities.  Please see other resources.

If you would like to subscribe or for more information, please contact:

The list is moderated & has rules intended to support, cultivate, and augment a thriving, in-person community.

Once you are subscribed, you can join the other sub-groups.  Look in the newsletter to find the contact e-mail address for the group you are interested in, and send an e-mail asking to be added to the group.

Subscription FAQ: Why do I have to attend an event in-person to join the online forum/EM list?

Since SHG members post personal information online, the verification requirement serves as a valued layer of security. It shows you are local and also not a solicitor.  Additionally, the online forum/EM list is intended to augment in-person community.  Other online resources may better serve folks that want online community only.  See the other resources page for a list of possibilities.

Click to read more on the YG FAQ's page.